Agostino DI GIORGIO , Prof.

Agostino di Giorgio

Nachgestellte(r) Titel: Prof.

Tätigkeitsbereich: Gitarre, Jazz/Pop



Gitarre, Jazz/Pop


Senior Lecturer Jazz Gitarre

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Agostino Di Giorgio Is an International Jazz guitar artist founded in New york school Tradition , and is considered to be both an original voice and innovator of Jazz guitar. His Playing and teaching has influenced already a generation of jazz guitarists. since 2005 Holds Professorship at Landes Konservatorium (Now GMPU since 2019) in Klagenfurt Austria. He teach Jazz guitar, Jazz Theory and Improvisation, Jazz history, special Didactic classes and research projects.

As a band leader Di Giorgio performs primarily as a band leader active on the European jazz scene, playing clubs and festivals and recording.

some musicians he has performed or recorded with include: Chuck Wayne, Barry Harris, Kirk Lightsey, Andras Mohay, Vince Benedetti, Tony Castellano, Tardo Hammer,Tom Kirkpatrick, Kálmán Oláh, Roby Lakatos, Gabor Bolla, Jimmy Cobb, , Ron Seguin, Ari Roland, Renato Chicco, Rob Bargad, Massimo Urbani, Calvin Hill, Bob Mover, Tony Scott, Luigi Grasso, Pasquale Grasso, Ole and Kristen Jorgenson, Jens Sondergard, and others.

Agostino Di Giorgio has been the recipient of the following awards in Italy:

In addition, to Agostino's Musicianship and Educative efforts, his sensitivity has been also targeted to the "furthering development "of the Modern guitar. As a student of Lutherie he has collaboration with international guitar builders, contributing in design, also of pickups , Amplifiers, and strings, aiming at the higher nuances in sound and performance for the ever evolving instrument Called "guitar".

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